Tuesday, July 28, 2009

FLC Countdown: 10 Days, Updates

In the past few days, an encouraging number of students have registered for the conference. These new pupils have brought the total number of confirmed attendees up to approximately 160 people. Including the teachers sent to chaperone the students and the local and international volunteers, the total amount of confirmed guests is near 300. Since the attendance goal has been shifted upwards from 350 to 400, only 100 students are left to complete their registration. Many schools that have expressed interest currently have applications so Sri Lanka Unites should be receiving the last of the completed applications in the next week. SLU has recently received more funds to make the new and enlarged reach of the conference possible, and the remainder of the cost is within grasp.

Some famous entertainers and singers have agreed to help SLU and support reconciliation by performing at the conference. James Li and Dushyanth, the winner of Dancing Stars, a dancing competition and reality show, will be performing the opening day of the retreat, Friday August 7. The following day, Ashanthi, the famous Sri Lankan singer who has gone international with her work, will be performing along with Krishan, the first-ever Tamil hip hop singer. Finally Billy Fernando, a musician skilled with almost any instrument, has agreed to lend his talent to the cause. All of these musicians have achieved a large measure of success in Sri Lanka and will be greatly appreciated by both the students and the SLU team.

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