Tuesday, July 28, 2009

FLC Countdown: 11 Days, Updates

Preparations for organizing the conference space are under way after today’s visit to the conference site. The space is an impressively modern facility with plenty of amenities and outdoor space for the students to relax. The auditorium itself can comfortably seat 500 people, easily over the 450 needed for the students and volunteers. Several lounges exist that will be available to the students, including an elevated, comfortable rooftop location. As far as sleeping accommodations are concerned, there are several options in and around the site that would suit our needs including villas and apartments.

The video documentary and the conference slides are proceeding excellently. Two sections of the conference presentation have been completed with very good quality. The video documentary will include interviews with the leadership of Sri Lanka Unites. Several of those interviews were completed today, providing some quality footage for Tom Kearney to use. If everything goes as planned, the video documentary will be featured on CBS by Mark Gordon productions, the same producer of Criminal Minds and Grey’s Anatomy. The show is called Ripple Effect, and it is designed to portray young people effecting positive change around the globe. Currently, the situation in Sri Lanka is set to become the pilot episode with Sri Lanka Unites being a primary player in the episode’s actual content. This opportunity provides some much welcomed publicity and promotion for SLU’s cause and beliefs.

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