Saturday, July 25, 2009

FLC Countdown: 13 Days, Updates

Sri Lanka Unites has planned two excursions for the coming week. On Monday, the team will be traveling to the site of the conference to examine the auditorium and living spaces that we have opted to use for the incoming students. A firsthand examination of the grounds will ensure that all arrangements go according to plan when the conference begins. With the quality of the facility assured, arriving students will find their rooms ready while the space in the auditorium will be best utilized for their convenience.

Many schools in areas like Batticoloa and Colombo have already replied and expressed interest in the conference, but the ultimate responsibility lies on the SLU team to follow up on the school’s reply and ensure the arrival of the students from all sections of the country. At present, current campaigning in Colombo has led to the involvement of educational institutions from all of Sri Lanka’s major religious backgrounds. Beginning next week, a team excursion will shift our focus to Kandy, the mountainous interior of Sri Lanka. Kandy holds an important demographic for our student attendees since it contains the heart of the ancient kingdoms that resisted successive colonial rule until the British in 1815.

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