Wednesday, July 22, 2009

FLC Countdown: 16 Days, Updates

I have been an eyewitness to Sri Lanka Unites strategy over the past few days. Already, the youth of the nation are beginning to hear about Sri Lanka Unites and are approaching the organization of their own initiative looking for more information about how to become involved with the reconciliation of their country. Though, of course, not every student who responds can attend the conference, there are other ways that Sri Lanka’s future leaders can support the organization, giving credence and support to those who do attend. Sri Lanka Unites is designed to have a snowball effect. Once the conference is underway, the organization will be much better known around the country. The following conference will be recognized as a serious national movement and will attract even more interest than the current conference. The increased scale of the next conference lends itself again to an even higher awareness of the dream of reconciliation. After the current conference, Sri Lanka Unites will begin selling their promotional bands in Sri Lanka, (in addition to their sales abroad) and people will be able to recognize the logo and associate it with the vision of peace and understanding that Sri Lanka Unites has come to represent.

Recently, students from Colombo and southern Sri Lanka have registered, fast on the heels of the Lankans to the North and East of the country. It is increasingly made clear that this effort is a priority not only on our end, but on the end of those who will be attending the conference. In fact, some schools are not even waiting for an invitation, but are asking to be allowed to send students to the conference. From where we stand now, it seems that path that SLU has chosen has all the markings of success.

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