Monday, July 20, 2009

FLC Countdown: 18 Days

My name is Timothy Campbell and I'm an intern here for Sri Lanka Unites. I'll be writing to keep everyone informed of the work that is underway to make the Future Leaders Conference of 2009 a reality in the next 18 days. From the moment I arrived, I have been impressed with the dedication and vision of the Sri Lanka Unites's members. I'm excited to be part of this effort in any way possible as the energy of this movement is palpable and contagious.

With less than three weeks to go, preparations for the Future Leaders Conference of 2009 are both excited and hectic. With 25 long years of civil war at an end, the timing of the conference could not be better. Sri Lanka is ripe for reconciliation and the opportunity for a better future. The youth of the country need to be told a different story from the one that has become so entrenched in the minds of the older generations. If the future is not to repeat itself, the old stereotypes must be avoided a new spirit of cooperation and understanding must be forged. Instilling the vision of a hopeful future in the participants is of vital importance, and one of the goals of the Future Leaders Conference is to show Lankan students the kind of future that is possible when reconciliation becomes the aim of the people.

As for the details, the Future Leader’s Conference will draw 350 students from all districts of Sri Lanka (including the war-torn areas). Sri Lanka Unites is working hard to register students, and at this point, 80 students have already registered.

The conference will also involve a video presentation that is currently being prepared by Tom Kearney, a specialist in video editing and presentation. Tom arrived in Sri Lanka on Wednesday, July 15, and already, he is hard at work preparing the opening slides and videos for the conference. His skills are put to good use and I can personally say that his work is visually and emotionally moving and should be well-received at the conference.

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