Friday, August 7, 2009

FLC Countdown: 1 Day, Updates

With the final hours before the Future Leaders Conference ticking away, the last general meeting was held today at 7:00 PM. Various artwork and decorations are being finalized while numerous phone calls assure that speakers and volunteers will be ready for tomorrow and the rest of the conference in a timely fashion. Though the guidebook has been shortened from 52 to 37 weeks due to translation difficulties, it still provides a solid combination of engaging activities and intellectual stimulation to keep the students both challenged and interested. The guidebook is now completed and will be printed by the time the students leave to return home. Most of the schools have confirmed their means of transportation though some complications have arisen with the Jaffna group. At this point, they will be arriving Saturday morning instead of Friday night. Though they will miss the opening ceremony, they will hopefuuly be present for all of the conference's main events. As far as the actual program is concerned, Dominic Dixon will no longer be attending and the final session will be administered by the Sri Lanka Unites's team.

Later tonight, the sports equipment arrived, and all available cars were loaded with banners and decorations to be taken to the site. Even though many of us will stay up late to finish work for the coming 5 days, tomorrow should prove to be an early morning since vans leave at 7:00 and 8:30 in the morning. As months of preparation reach their climax, the best work of SLU is about to be revealed to the nation.

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