Wednesday, August 5, 2009

FLC Countdown: 3 Days, Updates

With just over 300 students registered to attend the Future Leaders Conference of 2009, Sri Lanka Unites has well surpassed its original goal of 250 attendees. Transportation for 60 Jaffna students has been finalized, and they will be riding a bus down the one road that connects Jaffna to the rest of the island. The presence of these representatives is of particular importance since much of the fighting of the last 25 years occurred in that district. SLU is now organizing the students into their small groups, assuring that each group has enough bilingual and trilingual students and moderators to communicate efficiently. Though finances remain an issue, SLU has found a bank sponsor that makes the financial burden considerably lighter. Several financial options remain open so the conference should commence with a balanced budget. This will establish Sri Lanka Unites’s reputation as a reliable organization and make it easier to fundraise next year.

The work on the post-conference guidebook is nearing completion as various articles and instructions are being compiled into the final product. The guidebook consists of rules on forming Sri Lanka Unites clubs across the country at local schools as well as articles to discuss and movies to watch. Sri Lanka Unites now has a Twitter site by the same name, and it will be updated daily to take advantage of Twitter’s growing popularity

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