Monday, August 3, 2009

FLC Countdown: 5 Days, Reflections

Human history is a complicated web of tragedy and success. Since the dawn of time, hope has been a powerful force for humanity’s accomplishments. The sheer amount of injustice and destruction across the globe is enough to dishearten anyone, yet there always remain a few people who decide to fight the tide and create a better future. Hope provides this motivation. Hope is the belief that, with enough vision and commitment, the future can be better than the present. Any number of present hardships are made bearable by the notion that the there are better times ahead. In this light, hope is the antithesis of despair. Despair arises when one resigns oneself to a stagnant state of existence, often more attributable to a state of mind rather than external circumstances. The constant motion and optimism of hope is a primary reason why people continue to live with greater expectations for tomorrow.

In alignment with the essence of hope, Sri Lanka Unites continues to carry this beacon ablaze and ahead of the country. If the nation of Sri Lanka can come together as one people and put aside their differences for the good of common interest and nationality, the reconciliation movement will become a testimony to the hope of the citizens. It is proof to the whole world that despair has not won the day, and that viable alternatives are possible, even likely, when there is a will to achieve them. Hope is unique to each individual, but when combined with a powerful belief, it can link individuals together into a strong and lasting community that is greater than the sum of its parts.

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