Saturday, August 1, 2009

FLC Countdown: 7 Days, Reflections

Advocating positive change often chafes against the status quo. To effectively institute a new culture of acceptance and understanding in society, a person must walk the fine line between staying true to a core set of beliefs and retaining an evolving sense of perspective. Certain principles should be a guiding force for any organization. Law codes and constitutions the world over lay forth idealistic guidelines for human living. Sri Lanka Unites has such a vision, and it is active in promoting its implementation. However, idealistic standards can quickly become murky once transposed onto reality, especially if there are psychological obstacles to overcome in the minds of those you are trying to reach. Situations are not cut in stone, and it is important to realize that square pegs do not fit round holes. Thus an effective balance between idealism and pragmatism is needed to accommodate uncertain situations. The principles are present, but the outworking of those principles differs depending on the situation.

Sri Lanka Unites has used their perspective to address the modern generation for a brighter future. Originally, the Future Leader’s Conference was going to be a completely Sri Lankan operation; however a shift in perspective caused a change of plans. In an increasingly global society, it was deemed important that the conference be approached on a global level with multinational interaction. Thus, several of the people working towards the conference are foreigners, including myself and the videographer, Tom Kearney. The video of the conference will also provide greater coverage for those who are interested. In addition, the international volunteers are meant to provide a more global face for the conference. Sri Lanka Unites is continuing to remain flexible and adapt in other situations so that they can be as effective as possible in reaching the nation.

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  1. A good summary of a complex problem. Glad you are contributing your skills and talents. Hopefully there will be many benefits in view of all the global perspective. Jamie in Kyiv