Saturday, August 7, 2010

All Students Attending FLC Receive Full Scholarships

Sri Lanka Unites will be providing full scholarships for all students attending this year’s Future Leaders’ Conference (FLC).

During the five-day residential event that will take place at the MAS Institute of Management and Technology training center in Thulhiriya, students will engage in a range of activities specifically developed to hone leadership skills.

"FLC brings Sri Lanka's future leaders together, give them opportunities to interact with their counterparts from across the island and nurture agents of change” said SLU President Prashan De Visser. “It is the first step in the creation of a Sri Lankan society that is ready to work together to prosper as one nation, diverse yet united as one.”

All Conference activities will focus on unpacking the overall themes of hope and reconciliation. Students will hear speeches from notable personalities, personal testimonies and engage in activities in music, drama, media, art, theatre, and sports, all of which have been designed to instill team building skills and foster lasting friendships. The conference will also facilitate small discussion groups between students from varying ethnic backgrounds with the objective of breaking negative stereotypes and cultivating mutual respect.

Sri Lanka Unites was established by a small group of young Sri Lankans who envisioned all youth, irrespective of ethnic and religious differences, coming together to begin the reconciliation process. Established in 2008, the SLU network now consists of a core membership of over 3,000 student leaders in 13 of the country’s 25 districts. This countrywide network is responsible for sustaining the organization’s follow-up mechanisms which is inclusive of an 85-week nation building program that allows these young leaders to proactively make changes within their schools and communities.

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