Saturday, February 19, 2011

Australian AFL star Brett Kirk features SLU on his blog

AFL is a big sport in Australia (possibly even bigger than cricket, we are told!), and Brett Kirk is a big star in the AFL (Sydney Swans team). In a recent visit to Sri Lanka and India with his family, Sri Lanka Unites had a chance to interact with him and share some of the work we do. He also spoke at an SLU-led seminar on 'Sportsmanship and Non-violence' for rugby and cricket players in two leading state schools in Colombo.

Brett has featured us in an article and a video on his blog - 'Captain Kirk's Odyssey 2011'.

Here's a small extract from his blog:

"Their aim is to empower the youth to be informed decision makers and help to give them a voice to create a future that they have ownership of...."

"Sri Lanka Unites targets schools at grassroots level and works to build interest and awareness by assisting the children to form their own SLU club. The club is then nurtured to create leaders no matter what the students age..."

"The impact they are having is powerful and real. It is working and it is so inspiring to have been able to be apart of even such a tiny snapshot of their great work. I was able to share some of my knowledge of leadership, the importance of values, standing for something and when the time arrives having the courage to stand up for what you believe in."

Click here to read the full article -

And the video is available here -

Check out the short film of the AFL Team visit to Sri Lanka a few months ago on their mission to promote 'Reconciliation Through Sport' -

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  1. can't beliv ma eyes ,,kirk hv postd abt slu!!! Ths wht de proof 4 the word "a true always flies"..