Sunday, July 24, 2011

Music Video Shoot

            In an outing that represented the culmination of more than a week of painting and preparation, much of the SLU music video was filmed on the grounds of the Sinhalese Sports Club this past Friday.  The mural of the SLU logo had been finished the previous day by the combined efforts of local and international volunteers, and the video team arrived with equipment in hand at the stadium by 2:00 pm.  The team was busy deciding set up and shot locations until 3:30 when a group of students arrived to participate in the video.

            Some quick instructions were followed with the first of several shoots.  Students were filmed walking from the club lounge onto the stadium, each holding a piece of the SLU logo that depicts the nation of Sri Lanka.   Once on the grounds, students were filmed assembling the logo and celebrating the representative accomplishment.  Over the course of the shoot, more SLU members including Sri Lanka Unites President Prashan De Visser arrived to witness the event. It was clear for everyone to see that the students enjoyed themselves and were glad to be able to take part in the music video.  After an enjoyable and productive time, the team packed up for the day around 6:00 and headed back to the office!

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