Sunday, July 31, 2011

Recording the Dream

Eshan and Latha sing for SLU
            Sri Lanka Unites has laid down the audio track for their upcoming music video.  As most of the visual footage was already captured, the evening was spent in a dimly lit recording studio within the municipality of Welisara outside of Colombo.  At 6:00 pm, the team initiated a 5 hour session by altering the composition of the musical accompaniment.  While the verses were modified to better complement the melody, the words themselves focus on letting go of the hatred that has held the future captive for so long.  The lyrics are a mixture of Sinhala and Tamil with a smattering of English for emphasis.  Prashan provided Sinhala vocals for one verse while the assistant vice president, Christin Rajah, supplied another verse in Tamil.  However, Sri Lanka Unites was not satisfied with a completely intra-organizational line-up, and the staff recruited several others to help with the audio recording.  Eshan Fernando, a rising musician within Colombo and friend of SLU, also provided vocals while Latha lent her talent to another verse.  The chorus features the singers in unison, describing the future that they wish to help build.  Ben Morrow also arrived to obtain more footage of the production of the audio track itself for possible use in the music video.

            The music video in its entirety will premiere at the Future Leaders Conference this August.  The goal of this project is to introduce students to a musical package that combines appealing audio and visual quality with a strong, positive message.  It is the hope of Sri Lanka Unites that this song will resonate with the youth and receive repeated radio coverage.  In this manner, the message of reconciliation will be free to spread across the island.

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