Sunday, August 7, 2011

Countdown to the Conference: 5 days - Balancing Act

            As the third season of the Future Leaders Conference draws near, competing particulars of the planning vie for priority.  The hallmark of an efficient organization is its ability to perform under pressure, and Sri Lanka Unites has seen its fair share of challenges arise in preparation for the conference in Kandy.

            From determining the optimal number of students to attend the conference to pursuing sponsors, the SLU team has exerted a phenomenal amount of effort these past few months.  Though Sri Lanka Unites is divided into different departments, the sheer scale of the events necessitates that every person work to the best of their ability.  Still, time constraints force sacrifices and important decisions.  After a long and thoughtful discussion, the number of students allowed to attend the conference has been modified to 600 with a full attendance roster of 750 including teachers and volunteer.  In this manner, all attendees can receive the attention they deserve and receive the best possible experience.

             Sri Lanka Unites is continuously torn between pursuing sponsorship and fundraising or developing new content.  For a charity like SLU, striking the right balance can be a difficult task.  Financing new programs is expensive and additional funds are always appreciated for a non-profit organization.  In the past, Sri Lanka Unites President Prashan De Visser has incorporated fundraising into his travels abroad, often seeking connections with the diaspora communities around the world.  Funds obtained from these trips go a long ways towards making events like the Future Leaders Conference possible.  In the near future, Sri Lanka Unites also plans to make use it its funds by releasing a monthly magazine dedicated to the cause of reconciliation and to keeping the organization’s expanding network informed of all relevant happenings.

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