Monday, August 1, 2011

Training Day

Many different activities ensured an enjoyable morning

            The first day of volunteer training occurred at the Methodist College in Colombo on Saturday.  About 20 young students arrived to learn about the upcoming Future Leaders Conference and their role in its execution.  After the projector and other materials arrived, the day started with a viewing of the documentary from FLC season 1.  The DVD showcased interviews with Sri Lanka Unites team members and clips from speakers such as Sanath Jayasuriya who supported reconciliation and helped the students undergo a profound transformation.  At the outset of the conference, most students were upset that they would be rooming with others outside of their school, yet by the end of the social whirlwind, most youth were asking their teachers if they could stay even longer. 

Volunteers try to stand up by counterbalancing each other 
            Prashan continued to explain the vision and purpose of Sri Lanka Unites and how the volunteers could best act as facilitators between students who would not be able to speak each other’s languages.  It is the volunteer’s role to enable the guests to feel as comfortable as possible in their new social setting.  Interaction is important, and students must be willing to engage others from different districts.  The morning continued with some team-building games followed by a quick lunch.  Former and returning volunteers shared the experiences they had accumulated working at the previous two conferences, and provided encouragement for the newer members of the volunteer team.  Afterwards, the members of the SLU staff met for a small meeting at a café to review the operations and school relations departments.  

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