Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Twenty20 Cricket Match!

For many Sri Lankans, cricket is more than just another sport. It is THE sport. It is a defining symbol of national pride with many Sri Lankans identify. The competitive spirit is focused abroad in a healthy display that unites citizens in their common cause. Current players such as Kumar Sangakkara and former players like Sanath Jayasuriya inspire young students and cricketers alike to become a force for good in their nation.

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The particular show on display Monday night was exhilarating. The game was the second match of a best-of-three series versus Australia, one of Sri Lanka’s skilled cricket rivals. Sri Lanka had won the first game and hoped to take the series in a clean sweep with the coming match. The home team was up at bat first and scored a respectable 157 runs. The action became heated in the second half as Australia began closing that distance rapidly within the first 6 overs. Australian batter Shane Watson racked up over 50 runs before Ajantha Mendis dismissed him. From that point onwards, the onus was on Sri Lanka to slow the momentum of the opposing force. The team showed superb bowling ability and slowed the Australian advance to a crawl. Mendis became the first bowler ever in Twenty20 to take six wickets in a match. Still, the initial gains were not to be taken lightly, and with only 3 over left in the game, Australia only needed approximately 30 runs to surpass Sri Lanka’s score. The game was undecided until the last couple of bowls which ended in a Sri Lankan victory, 157-149. The crowd erupted into cheers and continued to take the celebration onto the streets!

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