Wednesday, October 5, 2011

First Update

This blog post comes quite late, but I will try to summarise all the activities of the past 3 days since we embarked on this journey. This week, being a very busy week for all the schools in Colombo, with elections around the corner, Shakespeare drama competitions and Teachers' Day celebration, worked to our disadvantage. However, despite this setback we managed to conduct assemblies at Wesley College, Elizabeth Moir International and Royal College.

Today, we had the workshop for the Colombo district at the Royal College Skill Center, with a participating crowd of around 75 students from all over the district. Musaeus College and St. Joseph's College were introduced to SLU for the first time and they are already working on starting SLU Chapters in their own schools.

The past three days also included a enlightening discussion with Amb. Jayantha Dhanapala on his views on Reconciliation and Justice, and a interesting session with Sanjana Hattotuwa, on serving Social Justice by utilizing telecommunication and media.
Further, we also had a brainstorming session on injustices around us, and what we as the youth of this nation can do about it. More of this to come in our future posts...

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