Tuesday, May 15, 2012

SRI LANKA UNITES "OPEN HOUSE" - Every 3rd Saturday of the Month (3-5 pm)

Dear Friends, 

For the past few years we have used social media as a tool to,

1.     Update and report of our efforts among youth across the island
     Recruit volunteers and support for the cause (Local and Diaspora)

However, there has been an increase in the desire to engage in conversation and dialogue with words of encouragement, suggestions, questions and at times even debate. We welcome such engagement and see it as an opportunity to further communicate our vision, mission and core values. At the same time we see this as an opportunity to refine the movement. However, the limitations of Facebook, Twitter and other available forms of social media to engage in constructive dialogue are obvious.

Furthermore, being a volunteer movement we do not have the time to sacrifice on such a form of engagement consistently, especially when we can use the same time and energy to make a tangible impact on the ground.

Hence we are eager to introduce SLU Open House every third Saturday from 3- 5 pm at the Head Office in Colombo. If you have any questions, suggestions and constructive criticism on approach, vision, outcomes, result etc. we welcome you to join us. Please e-mail us at to inform us if you intend to come for SLU Open House, so that we can make necessary arrangements.

If you do not live in Colombo but still like to engage with us in conversation, please e-mail us of your interest. We will connect with you via Skype for the conversation.

If you would like your comments and engagement to be public we will have our conversation video recorded and uploaded on our YouTube channel "srilankaunitesmedia". 

We at Sri Lanka Unites are passionate about the cause for youth led conflict transformation. We believe in making a lasting and sustainable impact by investing in the next generation. However, even though engaging in dialogue with those outside the movement may not be the priority of the movement, we are see value in such engagement and are willing to create a space and an opportunity for this.

We are eager to host these open house events and welcome anyone who would like to contribute. From a student in our movement to a veteran social activist, a journalist to academic researchers to men and women of great experience to adamant arm chair critics, we promise that you will be welcomed with the same level of enthusiasm and trademark Sri Lankan hospitality. E-mail us NOW!


-Engaging in conversation on social media forums are not sufficient to bring about effective social change.

- As a volunteer movement we are pressed for time with the many projects we run and the many SLU chapters and members we communicate with (Our priority) 

- Engagement and dialogue with those outside the movement is not our priority but we see value in it

-Hence every third Saturday 3.00 – 5.00pm. Open house at SLU Head Office.

- E-mail us at  and sign up for this month's open house. Skype appointment (for those outside Colombo) can be fixed for this month by emailing us.

In the name of peace, reconciliation, progress and action.


Become part of the solution! Start at SLU Open House!

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