Friday, August 17, 2012

Count down to FLC: Season 4 - 10 More Days to Go

On the Kynsey street below me tuk tuks and honking cars drive by. Motorcyclists drive off into the distance as workers on lunch walk by. The Monsoon rain, which raged a few minutes previously has subsided instantaneously and the warm sun has replaced it's presence.

Up above the Colombo city bustle sits the Sri Lanka Unites executive team. They are tucked away in their office. Photos from previous Sri Lanka Unites events poster the walls and watch over the team as they call, email and have impromptu meetings. The anticipation is in the air. There is only 10 more days to the fourth season of the Future Leaders Conference.

Prashan has just returned from a few days in Jaffna, where the Conference will be held this year. There he has met with the Jaffna College Principal and local dignitaries to make sure everything goes smoothly on that end.  Here in Colombo the team continues to add student participants. Some have waited till now to confirm. Others are working tediously to acquire funds to meet the Sri Lanka Unites goal to donate 500 mattresses to the Jaffna College school.

It blows my mind every time I see a new face, which I hadn't seen before, pop into the Sri Lanka Unites office and take a seat at the large table in the main room. They set up a laptop or pick up a phone and off they are contributing to make FLC a success.

With such passion and commitment, it will undoubtedly be nothing less than that.

P.s. if anyone is interested in making a 1,900 LKR donation towards mattresses please email :) 

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