Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Appreciation from Ms. Elizabeth Moir

We were thrilled when Prashan de Vissier first came to introduce our senior school students to Sri Lanka Unites.

He spoke passionately about how the youth of this country needed to get together as friends across all social, religious, ethnic and economic divides, in order to prepare themselves to be effective leaders of this fabulous country in the years ahead. All our young people in schools across the island have lived most of their lives in a country at war with itself and many have looked outside for opportunities if they have been able to. Now times have changed dramatically and young Sri Lankans across the country in every district, and from often diverse social and cultural backgrounds, and speaking different languages, are able, through the umbrella of Sri Lanka Unites, to get to know each other while learning together how to become the young leaders of tomorrow.

We have had students attending the conferences in Kandy in 2011and in Jaffna in 2012, and from my perspective, as Head of School, I have been absolutely overjoyed at how much these students have gained from these experiences. Kandy was very special, however even more so Jaffna since it was uncharted territory for so many. The leadership skills our students developed in those five days were beyond anything they could have picked up in a classroom here. They began to respect and appreciate more what they have, whilst also developing a genuine desire to share their privilege. All have become more interested in what they can do for their friends and families and for the school and the community, rather than in what we can do for them. They are more confident and more compassionate and they have sorted out their priorities. Our students are eager that their friends too should have the same opportunities. They also have new friends now from all over the island and are in touch with them, sometimes on a daily basis.

My experience is then that Sri Lanka Unites helps our young people not only to become the future leaders of this country but also to become highly effective prefects, and this is of enormous benefit to all the member schools.

Elizabeth Moir MA Hons Oxon
Head of Elizabeth Moir School

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