Monday, October 1, 2012

Road Trip 2012- Day One- Being inspired

It is chaos in the Sri Lanka Unites Office on the morning of 1st October as 25 of us, the ‘Dream Team 2012’ try to complete the tasks assigned to them in preparation for the upcoming All Island road trip.
Videos are being edited, newsletters being printed, and the final arrangements are being made. It is absolute chaos, and yet, the feeling of excitement and anticipation is almost palpable. We are about to set out on an inspiring journey, an initiative which in itself is history in the making. 
25 young individuals representing all areas of the island coming together as the next generation of Sri Lanka’s Young leaders in an attempt to empower and inspire young students in schools all across the island is truly an amazing feat.
Before we start our journey, it is essential that we ourselves be inspired and our first day is therefore dedicated to meeting with a few eminent Sri Lankans , in order to recognize what we can learn from them.
The first person we meet is Mr Eran Wickramaratne, MP, former member of the board of trustees Sri Lanka Unites. We learn that he is celebrating his birthday. He welcomes us warmly. In a very personal and insightful session he shares the challenges he faced as a school student and how he applied the lessons he learnt to his own life. “Some decisions cannot be measured in rupees and cents” he tells us. 
Ambassador Jayantha Dhanapala who we meet next encourages us with a few enthusiastic words, leaving us inspired for the journey ahead. 
Finally we meet with Prof, Rajiva Wijesingha, advisor to His Excellency the president on reconciliation. He encourages us to review his draft policy document for reconciliation. We head back to prepare for the official 20 day journey, a journey that will potentially change our lives.

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