Sunday, October 14, 2012

Road Trip 2012- Day Ten- Experiencing cultures...

Day Ten in Anuradhapura brings with it a complete change of scenery from the workshops we've been having for the next few days. We are back in a Sinhala Buddhist environment and the culture difference is clearly apparent.

We conduct assemblies at the four schools that came for the Future Leaders' Conference and the response is quite positive. Anuradhapura Central, one of the schools we visit has been ranked 10th in Sri Lanka and we know that we are dealing with extremely capable young leaders.

When some Dream Team members were questioned as to the most significant aspect of today's events, Micho says he was surprised to see the level of discipline in the
se schools. One of the assemblies had a special way of clapping which they continued throughout.

 In the evening we visit the culturally significant sights Anuradhapura has to offer and it is truly amazing to see these individuals of all ethnicities visiting the Buddhist places of worship in Anuradhapura and paying their respects, revering the cultures and religions of their friends.  
The feeling of seeing one of your friends from Mullaivu visiting these places in his own country and being amazed of the beauty of these structures ("It's really 2500 years old?") is truly like no other. It's a feeling of sincere hope that maybe change isn't so far away after all..

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