Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sri Lanka Unites Reconciliation Centre - After the Launch

A three year dream of Sri Lanka Unites just became true after the opening ceremony of the Sri Lanka Unites Reconciliation Centre in Mulliyawallai, Mullaithivu. It has been just one month since the opening ceremony and the Reconciliation Centre is already providing education in Information Technology and English Language for over 70 students in scholarship basis.

ESOFT one of the leading Information Technology Institutes in Sri Lanka along with HSBC has partnered with Sri Lanka Unites in providing education for 40 students, who have enrolled to the DITEC program. So far the students have found the program very useful in terms of higher education, which will guide them to a better future after the successful completion of the course. The students enrolled for their higher education at the Sri Lanka Unites Reconciliation Center are unemployed, unmarried youth who is between ages of 16 – 25, after their Advanced Level Examinations/Ordinary Level Examinations.

The first batch of students, who has enrolled to the program in January are now half way through their course and they are. Sri Lanka Unites is also looking forward to call out another fresh batch of students to be enrolled on the 20th of March 2013. Also there are another batch has been started between this timeline.

An air conditioned container with all necessary facilities in providing IT education is being used to educate these students while the English classes are happening in another container and the theory classes are happening in a hall inside. Some of the students who have not had a chance in using a computer due to the lack of facilities in the ergion have found the experience as a valuable opportunity. Sri Lanka Unites had the privilege of hiring an experienced English teacher (Mr. Indika Yapa) who worked before at Tea Leaf Vision, Centre for Professional Development in Maskeliya, in conducting the English Diploma Courses at the Sri Lanka Unites Reconciliation Centre. Currently over 36 students has enrolled to the English Diploma Course and the first batch of students are going to complete the course by the 2nd week of May, 2013. Classes are conducted for each batch on all 5 days of the week and 3 hours per day.

The students are also learning and practicing about the essentials of behaving in a professional environment such as, being organized, being punctual, achieving targets, being proactive, hardworking and many more. Also Sri Lanka Unites is trying their best give the students a better future by creating 300 job opportunities in Mullaithivu District and already 12 individuals has been called for interviews. The first Community Aid program is to be organized by the Sri Lanka Unites Reconciliation Center by the 20th of April 2013. Already there has been 3 fund raising events done at the Reconciliation Center in regards to this.

On the 1st of April Sri Lanka Unites is expecting to open a library where many people from the community have an access to an internet cafe where the people from the community will be able to access internet for at cheap price. There are also plans by Sri Lanka Unites to extend the span of the Reconciliation Centre within the District of Mullaithivu so that more students from the region will be able to gain the benefits of it.

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