Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sri Lanka Unites Team Retreat 2013

Amidst a busy schedule a very important event of the SLU calendar was held last month, the Sri Lanka Unites Team Retreat 2013 was held at Ape Kedella, Puttalam. Ways to improve the infrastructure of SLU as well as strategies to achieve the primary objectives and goals of SLU departments was discussed in detail all throughout this event. On the first day of the three day event the team members of the SLU team were assigned to the respective departments considering their field of work. The second day kicked off with ice breakers to improve the team spirit and the bond with the new members also was strengthened through this. Competitions took place in-order to have the team competitive and enthusiastic in engaging in the activities during the retreat.

Plans were proposed for future events, discussions on expanding the network of SLU and deadlines were drawn out in achieving future objectives was held during the retreat. Also the objectives of the organization were further verified from the last retreat held last year and an evaluation was made into the progress of each department in the objectives which was achieved from the last retreat. The day was concluded with a joyful session faces of the children from the orphanage home nearby by having a game of cricket and some water games. On the third day the importance of submitting a monthly report by each department was stressed by Christin Rajah who is currently the national director of Sri Lanka Unites. Over all, through this event SLU was motivated and energized and also guidance for future activities was given. The revised departments came up with visions for each department and are listed below.

  • Reconciliation Center
To create a sustainable Reconciliation Centre in every district of the country that will empower the youth through bringing academic opportunities to their regions, making them more employable and creating employment opportunities, with the final goal of being a symbol of hope and reconciliation in their own regions.
  • Public Relations and Administration Department
To maintain proper processes in place within the movement in order to ensure periodic reporting, maintain proper records and meet legal requirements. Keeping those who are interested in Sri Lanka Unites informed of the latest events with the use of Social Media, Monthly News Letter, Media, Press and the Sri Lanka Unites Website.
  • Sahasara Magazine
Taking reconciliation to the grass root levels across the island and ensuring the message and importance of reconciliation is understood
  • Schools Relations
To create a proper communication channel to all schools, ensuring that the bond between Schools chapters and Sri Lanka Unites are not broken.
  • Regional Representatives
To gather rationalists and visionaries who bestows a prosperous future equipped with reconciliation for a better generation
  • Future Leaders Conference
Be the first contact point for the youth of all ethnicities and religious groups across Sri Lanka to come together for reconciliation. Create a network of leaders, with the values that will pave way for a peaceful and prosperous nation.
  • SHOW You Care
To educate and mobilize the youth of the country in order to create a society where women are treated with respect and cared for, thus contributing to social and ethnic harmony.

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