Friday, April 19, 2013

Visitors for Avurudu – Where is my Kokis?

By-Ramzi Zain Deen

After settling down at the new office premise in Borella SLU with the idea of promoting the simple message of Togetherness celebrated Sinhala and Tamil Avurudu in an Epic fashion last Tuesday. As the Koel Sound defines Avurudu undoubtedly the next best thing is to exercise the Traditional “Kiri Ithireema” .
After the pleasantries the SLU team indulged themselves with the yummy food brought by the Team, True colours were shown by the Team when the food was introduced to the table, where every single Team member proved that they are True Sri Lankans as they finished most of the food served on the table, But somehow managed to keep some for our visitors who were scheduled to visit the SLU family in the evening. I have to mention that from all the food served Thevuni’s Kokis was a hit!

Then just before noon the Team headed for a cultural exchange program with few Japanese delegates from an organization called “The peace boat”.  800 Japanese delegates were taken in this peace boat program where they are exposed to different cultures and exercises during their one month stay in the Ship which we managed to visit later-on.  Around 50 delegates were introduced to the SLU team where the team was more than happy to get involved in this cultural exchange program to make new foreign friends for a change.
Making of Origami, wearing the traditional Kimono, Writing names using Japanese letters were some of the activities conducted by the Delegates whereas the team SLU conducted few interactive games and had a sing-along session with the Sinhalese hit song “Surangani”

Lunch was served with traditional Sri Lankan food where the Delegates were asked to use their fingers to mix the rice and to consume. Regardless of consumption of food using fingers the lunch hour became almost two when the Japanese struggled to manage although they were thrilled to be exposed to the unorthodox traditions and ways also enjoyed the change with the process. Therein after they were brought to the SLU office and the SLU team made an offering they couldn't refuse with Avurudu Food and King coconut water which they consumed delightfully without any refusal.

Finally the Long day ended with an hour in the Ship where the team was escorted for a field trip around the ship which was an exciting end for the day.  For most of the SLU team members it was definitely the best way to celebrate Avurudu. Even for me, couldn't have done it any better.

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