Thursday, June 6, 2013

Graduation Program in Mullaitviu Reconciliation Center


    It's been four months since the inception of the Reconciliation Center in
    Mullativu.The first three batches of the English programme participated in
    the first graduation ceremony where they received certificates according to
    their level of competency. We started the Programme with the president of
    Sri Lanka Unites sharing the Vision,Mission, and departments of Sri Lanka
    Unites. This was followed by an Q & A session. We were delighted to hear a
    speech on the importance of English from one of the students. Her level of
    knowledge and competency in delivering a speech in English encouraged us
    also proved to us the immense potential that exist in the community. Mr.
    Indika Yapa, English teacher and the program coordinator, shared
    encouraging words with his students. Furthermore We were pleased to see a
    sinhalese hailing from Nuwara Eliya speak in Tamil with ease and confidence
    having only resided in Mullaitivu for 5 months.

    Soon after this, a meeting was held with the Key Community Leaders
    including former Deputy Zonal Education Director Mr.Sinnathambi Rajah,
    Principle of Udduppukulam Maha Vidyalayam, and a representative from the
    Rural Development Society where they shared their suggestions and
    encouraged us to continue with our efforts to serve the community in
    Mulaithivu. Further to the discussion, they also agreed to meet monthly to
    advise and brainstorm on how the center could  run better and to act as an
    advisory board.

    At the end of the day the potential of the students, their improvement and
    the support of the community leaders strengthened our belief in producing
    resourceful young leaders from the north.

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