Wednesday, July 24, 2013

British Parliamentarians visit SLU Reconciliation Center - Mullaitivu

By Shuthi Waduacharige

It’s been 7 months since the inception of the Reconciliation Center in Mulliyavalai, Mullaitivu. We have witnessed the steady progression of the center in all its aspects such as education, center management, employability and sustainability. Although we still have a long way to go, we are determined to press forward to give our best to this deserving community.
On our journey, we have encountered many who have encouraged us and helped us to go further. July 23rd was one such day. Six British parliamentarians honoured us with their presence. After SLU President Prashan de Visser gave an introduction to Sri Lanka Unites, a student from the Center, Nijanthini, prepared and delivered a speech in English on how thankful she was to have received this opportunity to study at the Center. The delegation was enthusiastic in their applause and highly commended her efforts. Nijanthini is currently awaiting university admission. Amidst countless obstacles, it is students like her that remind us why this community deserves all that we can offer.
The delegation was then shown a presentation on the Center and the many aspects that are a part of it. They mentioned many times how impressed they were and commended our efforts. They also understood that using the youth of this country was the way forward.
After a brief tour of the Center, Lord Sheikh and MP Eleanor Laing officially opened the Communication Center - one of our steps towards self-sustainability. Students and community members will be able to get printouts, photocopies, laminate and have internet access at an affordable price. Baroness Hayter of Kentish Town opened the Canteen, another step towards towards making the Center self-sustainable. Students at the Center and those who come to the center for seminars, workshops, etc. will be able to purchase food at a reasonable price. We also hope to do small-scale catering within the community.

We were very much encouraged by the British delegation of parliamentarians who took the time to come to our Center. Although we desire no such acknowledgement, their presence was nevertheless uplifting.

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