Saturday, October 12, 2013

Sustainable Gardening!

If you look close enough at the Sri Lanka Unites mission statement you’ll see it indicates a desire to work towards sustainable development. 

But, how can this be done? 

There are countless simple ways to contribute to sustainable development.

You could reduce your consumption of over-packaged products; you could walk, bicycle or use public transportation instead of your car. 

You could buy products that are certified fair-trade, products that contributed to social equity through a better distribution of wealth and reduction of human exploitation. 

Or, a personal favorite, you could start a community garden project.

That's exactly what we're up to at the Sri Lanka Unites National Office these days. A small little urban garden.

Step 1) Purchased a few seeds at a local gardening store

Step 2: Purchase appropriate potting soil 

Step 3: Add the soil into pots

And Voila: Our first plant is sprouting! 

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