Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Dream Team in The North

By - Shehara De Silva

On the 15th of January the Dream Team 2014 along with our National director and a few others seniors left Colombo in view of the North on the much awaited School Relations Tour.

A restless night was met by an exciting dawn as we arrived in Jaffna and prepared for our first assembly. We cared less for what anyone had to say when we all gathered around the garden tap and brushed our teeth with much anticipation. We were to attend assemblies at Kokuvil Hindu College and St. Patricks College. This went according to plan with a successful end to the morning session. Lacking experience, it was certainly an eye opener for us. We then prepared for the day’s workshop at St. Johns College with much enthusiasm while a few of us met with the principal of Jaffna College, with regard to our program.

Jaffna Hindu Ladies College, St.Patricks, Vembadi Girls High and St. Johns College Jaffna attended the workshop and a few ice breakers got the girls and boys on their feet, enthusiastic and excited about the program that was to follow. After a brief introduction as to what Sri Lanka Unites is about, the students engaged in activities that we hoped would inculcate in them leadership qualities, lessons on teamwork and unity. We then focused on the topic of reconciliation and positive change that we as the SLU team bring about. Subsequently we addressed the social issue on stereotypical views held by our peers with regard to the ethnic division in our country. The smiles that left the hall assured us that the day had been a success. A team photo at Point Pedro ended our day in Jaffna and we were greeted by a much needed night of rest in Mulaithivu.

As we divided and conquered the day that followed was eventful. The team separated into 3 groups placing those who speak Tamil most strategically, I would say and approached 8 different schools. However the day would not have been one well spent if not for the eventful evening at the beach and a memorable ‘paan and parippu’ dinner on the middle of a road at a godforsaken hour. Tempted at the sight of a kiddies park nearby our night was complete upon trespassing and taking immaturity to a whole new level.

It was with much pride that we carried forth the following day’s workshop at our reconciliation center in Mulaithivu, after much preparation the previous night. We wrapped up the days program with the students placing their finger prints on a map of Sri Lanka pointing out a place they’d like to visit the most. 

Needless to say the bus ride was always the highlight of our journey. A milestone down with a few more to go, the tour to the North came to an end. A mere step towards accomplishing our vision.

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