Sunday, May 4, 2014

Eastern Coalition Training

In the build up to the Future Leaders Conference Season 6 due to be held in the Eastern Province this August. It was important to have a well-functioning team in the East to take on the responsibilities that was ahead of this year’s Future Leaders Conference. The training kicked off with a brief introduction about SLU given to the students. This was then followed up by an explanation of the objectives of FLC, the importance of the Future Leaders Conference and the importance of the conference being hosted in the East. The students were also given a briefing on the impact that Sri Lanka Unites and Future Leaders Conference has made on some of the delegates’ personal lives by a few of the Sri Lanka Unites team members from the Eastern Province itself.

The Conference for the past 5 seasons has been hosted by North, South and the Central provinces. The Northern and Southern provinces with their own coalitions graciously hosted the Conference with their own ways of traditional and unique types of hospitality known to their respective cultures and regions. Each of the occasions the type of hospitality shown by the coalitions had its own unique style and taste to it in which some of the students attending the conference was intrigues by.

Students from the Eastern Coalition were then separated into their respectable departments for this year’s FLC. They then presented their ideas on how they would approach each of their departments to the team. Finally the coalition was briefed on how to tackle issues which may arise during the conference and the training was concluded. After the successful conferences which were hosted in the Northern and Southern provinces the East is now prepared to host their own conference and the best is yet to come.

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