Tuesday, December 11, 2018

FLC was the life changing turning point in my social life.

It's a great privilege for me to share my experience with Sri Lanka Unites. I would like to state, participation as a student in Future Leaders' Conference was the life changing turning point in my social life.

Hailed from typical Sri Lankan family from East coast and brought up during civil war, I have inherited prejudice, mistrust and suspicion of other , along with a profound ignorance about each other. 

Therefore I invariably saw the ethnic issues in a ordinary view where the environment I belonged to made me wear different shades. 

I could often feel the clash and conflict between so called majority and minority the terms created for vote banks and political existence. It's obvious that the brutality of war, inter religious and inter ethnic contestation,never surpassed in the lamentable catalogue of human crime and turmoil, beneath the superficially and transiently harmonious state even in the aftermath of a conflict or a crisis and Sri Lanka is being ruined beyond restoration and development. 

I never ever imagined that one day, my attitude and imaginary concept of  others who are not from my own community would change upside down, till the first day of Future Leaders Conference - Season 4 in 2012., where I knowing not what actually the event was about. 

I should mention, a student who refused the offer of a home made sweet from fellow student from different community on the first day, had shared his lunch with the same plate on the final day of the conference and it's none other than me. 

I'm glad that I've got brothers and sisters from another mothers across the island. SLU Future Leaders' Conference had paved the way for me to find new families and friends no matter what communal language, religion,race,cast, socioeconomic status they belong to. 

I acknowledge that Sri Lanka Unites family has been being the one of the mirrors for me to see and identify the hidden skills and talents in me. I owe to everyone who helped,guided and mentored me in every aspects , to be who I am now.

Now I've extended the radius of my circles from millimetres to kilometres. I've come across tons of stories and journeys of people from different backgrounds. Everything seems to be unique and new. I strongly believe that experiences are the best way of learning and improve everyone for the betterment of tomorrow. 

In a nutshell, what SLU taught me are, Everyone born for greatness and are destined to leave your mark on this generation, for in you, lies a potential history maker,a world changer and a trial blazer who could help write the brand new golden chapter in Sri Lankan era. 

Best is yet to come!!!

- Sajath Sabry -
Team SLU member

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