Saturday, July 25, 2009

FLC Countdown: 14 Days, Updates

As more and more registrations for the conference are collected, Sri Lanka Unites is ever closer to creating a conference where all regions of the country are represented. The areas around Jaffna are especially of interest as much of the war was concentrated in that area. Since the one road that connects Jaffna to the rest of the island is open only at unpredictable times, the city is almost an island unto itself. For this reason Sri Lanka Unites is exploring the option of chartering a “peace flight” to bring the students from this area to the conference. In other news, the international volunteer team from Great Britain has arrived, and we are excited to have them here as the conference is only two weeks away. The UK team is only one of several nations coming to assist with the conference. Teams from The United States, New Zealand, Rwanda and India will also be joining as the Future Leaders Conference of 2009 draws closer.

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