Thursday, July 23, 2009

FLC Countdown: 15 Days, Reflections

With just over two weeks before the start of the conference, preparations are increasingly important. Flexibility is required, and this often requires working around daily obstacles. Meetings do not always happen as scheduled and plans do not always fall into place. The fact that work is continued unabated and on schedule is a testament to those who believe in hope for this country. The Sri Lanka Unites team has shown incredible resiliency when dealing with any potential issues. Every problem that I have seen so far has always been resolved with efficiency and realism, and a strong sense of optimism and belief in the success of the organization is ever-present and well-founded.

Though a youth organization like Sri Lanka Unites has to be organized meticulously, the ability to work around unexpected developments is necessary. Flexibility is the meeting place of meekness, ambition, and the acknowledgement that it is impossible to control all outcomes. Unfortunately, Sri Lanka has experienced a lack of flexibility in the past few decades that has contributed to its civil woes. Flexibility is part and parcel of cooperation, and cooperation is what is needed in this nation. This, at times, requires sacrifice, the willful abandonment of one’s own aims in order to accommodate someone else’s needs.

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