Thursday, July 23, 2009

FLC Countdown: 15 Days, Updates

A conference for the reconciliation of Sri Lanka is certainly a good idea, but stopping there can turn it into a missed opportunity. The Future Leaders Conference is designed to be inspiring, but it is also designed to be just the beginning. Every student who attends will receive a post-conference guidebook that outlines a 52 week follow up plan. The book includes plans to both form school clubs and to initiate activities that benefit the local community. By providing rewards and scholarships for the schools that are most proactive, SLU will foster and encourage a nationwide movement from the most elementary level, where the youth become responsible for creating a new future.

Sri Lanka Unites’s plan is that the conference primarily be a Sri Lankan supported movement with Sri Lankan volunteers. This serves to unify the participants in the conference since the 80 or so volunteers in this category are a symbol for the support of the nation for this movement. To balance this, SLU has made provisions for approximately 20 international volunteers to represent international interests so as to lend me weight to the importance of this venture. Volunteers have all been assigned different roles and responsibilities so that the conference and the scope of its preparations will go as smoothly and as organized as possible.

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