Thursday, August 6, 2009

FLC Countdown: 2 Days, Reflections

Managing Sri Lanka Unites can sometimes resemble a balancing act rather than operating an ambitious organization. With little time left before the conference commences, final details constantly compete for attention. Knowing what to address and what to ignore is a vitally important skill if one is to avoid the paralyzing stress of bringing months of preparation into fruition. During the last few days, a vast range of details has been addressed, and many others have been left for future consideration. Showing judgment in placing priorities cannot be overemphasized.

Any gathering of individuals needs two qualities to be effective in shaping their world. First, vision directs individual efforts by becoming the compass that keeps the collective whole moving along a straight bearing. When energy fails, or when willpower tires, the dream of the future can restore spirits and keep the determined few moving forward. The second quality is judgment. Without judgment, vision is left by the wayside as the dreams of tomorrow cannot find their place in reality. The number of opportunities in any given scenario is limitless; yet pursuing the wrong paths can end a good cause just as easily as choosing the right paths can promote it. Take national development as an example. A nation does not develop all of its institutions simultaneously, for that is impossible to perform well. Rather, it focuses on key areas on which the fulcrum of society rests. Attention can then be diverted towards other areas that spring from the new opportunities provided by improved circumstances.

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