Thursday, August 6, 2009

FLC Countdown: 2 Days, Updates

The international volunteers are arriving in force. The Orlando team arrived today as did the New Zealand representative. The American team helped organize a 5 kilometer run to raise awareness and money for Sri Lanka Unites several months ago, and we are happy to have them join us in Sri Lanka. Trips to the airport dominated much of the day for some of the SLU team. Since the total count of 430 students and volunteers is settled, Sri Lanka Unites has been involved with the sad task of turning away schools that simply do not have time to register. With only 2 days before the conference, business has reached an almost unimaginable level. Dhishan, the VP, received over 150 calls during the course of the day with topics ranging from transportation issues to color coordination for decorations.

Details on transport are coming together for the majority of schools. Most schools will be sending their own bus to the conference and will be reimbursed for any expenses once they arrive. However, groups of schools in close proximity to each other will be taking a bus provided by Sri Lanka Unites to cut costs. The permit for the Jaffna students was promised, and the order should arrive tomorrow.

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