Friday, July 8, 2011

Trinity College, Kandy

FLC Season 3 Countdown: 33 days! Today, Prashan and Joel, SLU’s main administrator and conference operations manager, traveled up to Kandy to visit Trinity College where Prashan is speaking and to look at the grounds again. We are excited and very grateful to be able to have the Future Leaders’ Conference on Trinity’s grounds. The college’s campus is beautiful with a gorgeous view of the city on top of many hills. There are many stairs with trees and other foliage tucked in making quite a beautiful sight.

Trinity will be the first school of many to host FLC. This move to have the conference at a chapter school instead of at a conference center is the beginning of a process where the conference will rotate to different schools throughout the island each year. By having FLC at varying schools, we will be giving students an insight into different regions of Sri Lanka and teaching them to appreciate that particular region’s uniqueness in their cultural traditions, religious, and cuisine.

This year, FLC will be taking place during the Buddhist festival of Perahera. Thousands of people flock to the historic city to witness the beautiful 12 day parade of the tooth relic. SLU will be there during a busy, but wonderful time! The conference’s program committee is trying to figure out a way to transport the students so they can witness a night of the festival. We think it’s important to learn more about our neighbors’ religious practices if we are to live in a reconciled country.

Here is just one picture of a part of the parade. 

 We are excited to be able to witness such a historic and grand tradition. But on to more planning!

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