Sunday, August 7, 2011

Countdown to the Conference: 4 days - Exporting Reconciliation

            During the civil war, many Sri Lankans left the nation to seek their well being abroad, forming communities that have become known as the Sri Lankan diaspora.  Many of these Sri Lankans have given up on the future of their country and refuse to return.  SLU realizes that garnering a rapport with the diaspora sends an international signal that not all is lost in Sri Lanka.  The diaspora communities are more likely to possess necessary to support Sri Lanka Unites as well as hold advanced degrees that could be put to good use in their native land.  For these reasons, Sri Lanka Unites has wishes to discuss the future of the country on a personal level with these individuals.

            SLU is currently in the process of expanding their reach abroad.  SLU chapters already exist in the UK, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and the United States.  These branches host their own programs that address their respective diaspora communities as well as perform fundraising for SLU in Sri Lanka.  In time, these chapters may host their own conferences to direct attention to the progress that has been made in Sri Lanka.

            Eventually, Sri Lanka Unites wishes to create a template for peace building that can be used by other nations to address their own internal divisions.  These movements can support one another by directing global awareness towards the grassroots support of reconciliation and nation building.  As these movements gain momentum, fundraising and taking advantage of existing public networks becomes easier and more streamlined.  If these things are to happen, then Sri Lanka Unites must remember to stay true to its roots and always let the people direct the engine of reconciliation.

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