Sunday, August 7, 2011

Training Finale

            At 9:00 am, 48 students from around Colombo assembled in Methodist College’s main auditorium for the second and last day of volunteer training.  The morning opened with a discussion encouraging the volunteers to be as social as possible.  When the students arrive, they will be naturally insecure as they meet fellow young leaders from across the island.  Some may feel that they have to prove themselves in the minds of others.  The volunteers must deconstruct those natural reactions and lead by example.  The conference cannot afford to have volunteers that take themselves too seriously.  The sooner everyone realizes that the conference is not a competition, the better. 

            Following this discussion, the prospective volunteers introduced themselves and proceeded to become acquainted with others in the room whom they had not yet met.  Shortly thereafter a recap of the 1st conference was screened interspersed with explanations about the roles that the volunteers were to fulfill.  A panel of SLU team members and veteran volunteers came forward to address the questions of the audience and provide strategic tips for teambuilding. 

            After break, Prashan and Theresa proceeded to provide a day-by-day breakdown of the events at the conference.  Volunteers have the responsibility to direct their team from one location to the next while ensuring that they have time to shower, eat, and take care of any other necessities.  A brief review of the rules and regulations was soon to follow, and the entourage then proceeded to the courtyard where a slew of teambuilding activities awaited.  The games forced the volunteers to utilize everyone on their team and while they built trust with one another.  The widespread approval and success of these exercises was evident from the loud cheers and general noise that filled the college.  At 2:30 pm, the games ended and group photos ensued before people left for their respective destinations.  

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