Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Road Trip 2012- Day 7 - Win or lose, we're still Sri Lankan

Sunday morning in Jaffna is dedicated to religious observations. As we are a multi ethnic, multi cultural group of individuals, this means simultaneous visits to the church service, Jaffna Naga Viharaya and the Nallur Kovil, all in the Jaffna city, walking distance from one another.
Our hosts in Jaffna, Remo and Thushan, and other members  of the 2011 Dream team are determined to give us the best possible day out in Jaffna and has planned out the day.
Visits to Rio, the Legendary Ice-cream parlor that claims fame in Jaffna and Point Pedro, the northern most point of Sri Lanka are on the agenda, and of course watching the world cup final. (Although we are still ignorant to the disappointment it will bring.)
However even with all these things, as the Dream Team, we realize that our priority is always with our long term vision, and set all entertainment and enjoyment aside for in preparation for today’s session. 
Prashan starts by telling us that we are special people, always a nice thing to hear. He tells us we were selected for this journey for a reason, because they saw in each of us a potential as leaders.  He asks us to recognize our potential and be determined to achieve the maximum of what we can, not only as a responsibility to our selves, but as a social responsibility.
Through Prashan’s guidance we are asked to create a ‘timeline of our life’ plotting our experiences in the past that made an impact on our lives, and discussing our vision for the future. We discuss our passion, what we want to achieve in the future and what we need to achieve these things. It is an exercise that helps us realize our potential as young leaders and ensure that we live up to that potential, no matter what obstacles we may face on the way.
And in the light of these big dreams and amazing potential we realize our lives hold for us, even the loss of the world cup that night seems a trivial thing. Ok yes, some of us do end up singing woeful laments about it for the next day and a half, but I mean in general.

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