Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Road Trip 2012- Day 8 - Born out of murky waters

After two successful assemblies at schools in Killinochchi, we head off for our workshop at Pallai Central College. It still amazes us to see the welcome we get and the amount of dedication and enthusiasm instilled within these students.
It is difficult to believe that this was a region so severely affected by the war and the way that these students rise up to whatever challenge we give them and exhibit their talents is truly inspiring.

We head out with the intention of going to Mullaitivu in the night, but after stopping for lunch in Killinochchi in a beautiful resort on the edge of the Chundikulum bird sanctuary managed by the army, we adjust our plans and decide to stay here for the night. This is thanks to Waruna and his father who used to work in the army. 
The Nature Park Holiday Resort is truly an amazingly beautiful place and we are glad to be able to experience its beauty. 
It is in a tree house that we carry out our session today and it seems appropriate as today’s  session is one that takes us back to our roots. 
We learn through the concept of power and what it means. We discuss the different branches of power and realize that while most people think of power as having control over someone else, power can also be within one’s own self or the power that one has with others, especially with a group. We recognize the power each of us have as the future leaders of Sri Lanka and discover how best we can put it to use. We leave our beautiful tree house with an amazing sense of hope and determination. We know that whenever we are faced with a problem, if we can do something about it, we wood. 

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