Sunday, October 14, 2012

Road Trip Day 12- Live as if you were to die tomorrow

It is with a marching band, a group of dancers, a fleet of saluting cadets and smartly dressed prefects that we are welcomed into Zahira College, Puttalam, on the morning of 12th October.
The students of Zahira College have gone all out to organize the best possible workshop for us, and their efforts are certainly impressive. As we introduce ourselves, we greet a group of over 300 enthusiastic young faces, probably the highest number of students we’ve had at a workshop so far. There has been no discrimination made and students from schools of all different religions, languages and background have been invited- making us proud that these students have our principles as Sri Lanka Unites instilled in them.

The workshop itself is extremely successful and receives a lot of positive feedback. One teacher from Veppavadu Maha Vidyalaya, Puttalam highly commends our efforts. “It’s programs like this and people like you that are going to change Sri Lanka,” he says. We certainly hope so.
In the evening, as we are staying at ‘Ape Kedella’, a home for abandoned children started by Mr. and Mrs. De Visser, we get an opportunity to interact  and spend time with the children there. It is truly a beautiful experience as we play with them, laughing and reminded of our own childhood. It makes us sad to realize everything they’ve had to go through at their young age, but we know that just spending time with them means the world to them.

It might be a little thing, but sometimes, it's the little things that count...

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