Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Road Trip 2012- Day Fourteen- In the hills

By Avishka Mendis

Today's workshop was in Nuwara Eliya. As we walked into Lyceum International School, we were greeted with smiling faces amidst the dozens of colorful flower trees. This was a refreshing environment to be in, after traveling for days in hot weather. Lyceum has been a growing chapter with a lot of potential,and at the workshop they proved to be very smart individuals.

We managed to play most of our experiential learning games with the participation of each group. This was a great strength for our workshop because we had the kids involved until we had taught them as much as we could about leadership. Having the support of their director Nikitha Grero was very encouraging and his teams hospitality made us feel welcome to the hill city.

We had some leisure time as we were staying the night in Nuwara Eliya. The highlights were a delicious Barbeque dinner in the hills and a visit to a strawberry shop where we ate strawberries and cream, both of which were feelings which some of our members were experiencing for the first time.

All was not play as we spent time learning about some more of Gandhi's philosophies on leadership. One statement which comes to mind is about not compromising on your principles when you are a leader ' For it is all give and no take ' as he says. Gandhi, if he were living would have been amazed at the impact that his teachings still have all over the world. We discussed as to how someone so simple and insignificant to society could transform India to make a lasting impact for their country.

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