Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Future Leaders Conference is back on the Sri Lanka Unites drawing board!

Yes! Planning for Future Leaders’ Conference Season 5 has begun. Following an amazing conference at Jaffna this year, the fifth season of the Future Leaders' Conference has a lot to live up to. But a group of passionate young people have once again come together to take up the challenge of organizing yet another historic conference.

The venue of FLC 5 is yet to be decided upon. However, it has been confirmed that it will be some place in the Southern Province. And, this would possibly be the first time a conference of this nature takes place in the Southern Province, where students from all 25 districts will come together under the united identity of being Sri Lankan, and live together for 5 days, experiencing the rich culture of the South and being empowered to be leaders across and beyond ethnic and religious lines.

Planning has already begun at the Sri Lanka Unites national office, with the organizing process broken into different departments, each having their own plans drawn up. The Programme committee has already started discussing how best to improve the content of the conference, and to better deliver it to the students. The Public Relations team has drawn up plans for continued updates on the activities of SLU with special focus on the organizing of FLC. The School Relations team is gearing into action, as they start work on Champions of Change projects for 2013 and also the School packs for all member schools. A coalition of students from the South is being created to handle all activities on the ground. To put it simply, the SLU office is once again alive with activity leading to the conference next year.

There are many challenges that loom ahead, and the journey leading to Future Leaders' Conference Season 5 will definitely be one requiring commitment and dedication from all members of the Organizing committee. But this year's committee seems promising; with a group of passionate young individuals ready to take on the challenge, one could confidently say, "The Best is YET to Come!"

Keep following our blog for continued updates on the developments related to Future Leaders' Conference 5 and all other activities of Sri Lanka Unites at present!

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