Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Future Leaders Conference Season 5 ~ A Junior Team Member's Perspective

By-Benislos Thushan

The flagship event in the SLU calender attained an end and reached the land mark of over 2500 student leaders from throughout Sri Lanka who have been impacted for the last 5 years in a row since 2009.

Glittering smiles
Blossoming hopes
Authentic tears
Undisputed team spirit
Unforgettable days and nights of togetherness

- Witnessed at the participants evokes ineffable happiness and satisfaction that will last for the lifetime which has never failed to yield the fruits for the hard work for months.

The potential displayed by the younger generation for the societal change through the eradication of inherent hatred and prejudice has kick started the lifelong journey of impacting grassroots for an authentic reconciliation through unconditional love and sincere patriotism so that none are prejudiced through their identity or stereotyped for the mistakes of their older generation, but respected by the potential of their character and integrated as children of mother Sri Lanka.

Southern Hospitality has blown the minds of all who experienced it. commitment, hard work and humility displayed by the young schooling children and youngsters from Southern coalition and the operations team to host the student leaders from all throughout Sri Lanka has been inspirational. gratitude is overwhelming when retaining the hard work of these kids and their commitment serves as a real evident to understand their passion towards the greater cause. The guidance and team spirit displayed by the volunteers kept the momentum of the conference and you guys have really impacted the kids with your kindness and leadership!

It has been a gifted experience to work with Team SLU that comprises such talented and inspirational leaders from all over the island. Having learnt a lot from these gifted and inspirational leaders and their potential urges for personal replication of their positive qualities. It's a dream of TEAM SLU to witness Sri Lanka that will be internationally recognized as an ideal nation for authentic reconciliation and perseverance displayed by the team sustains the hope for a meritocratic Sri Lanka which is based on equality, respect and love for diversity with null hatred and prejudice.

Having been a part of the program committee has been a lot of learning experience in addition. You guys have definitely worked hard and carved every minutes of the program so that a single minute is not wasted, yet impacts the future leaders through vast experiences of team work.

Thank you so much everyone for making this conference a greater success and for being a part of this worthy endeavor!

memories never die and live forever!


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  1. "Memories never die and live forever" of course it will Thushan. Glad in reading your experience! :) We all will stay together the make a ONE SRI-LANKA.
    If Hatred can be taught LOVE can also be taught and LEARNT EASILY! :)
    One Smile, One People, One Country! :)