Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Let's Take Sri Lanka Unites Global!

My tuk-tuk sped down Galle road by the ocean abyss. “Towards Colombo’s Light House” I directed the tuk-tuk.

There I would meet the Future Leader Conference Season 5 Mentors. They were dressed in their very best, young professionals from Colombo of all creeds, class and gender.

Tables for the reception were set out by the foot of the Lighthouse. From where I sat I could admire the light house, the ocean just steps away and the mentors chattering away. They were happily reunited for the night.

It was the perfect setting, right by the crashing Ocean shore, the very Ocean that we must have all crossed to find this tear drop Island. And here we were, years later, the children of these ancient adventurous migrants, striving to create a sense of unity and maintain inclusive communal ties.

Ramzi Deen - Future National Director - Talking Public Relations for Sri Lanka Unites

And with the sounds of crashing waves and the light house towering above us, we broke off into groups and began to envision how we as the leaders of tomorrow were going to continue to make Future Leaders Conferences relevant for young people across the Island. How we were going to spread our conference’s vision to other troubled nations across the world to create Global unity.

These were big questions. But there is no better time than now to continue to break down the illusion of division that masks universal humanity here on this Island and beyond. And, it always great to bring our Volunteers together to think about these questions over an awesome and appreciative reception by the Light house! 

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