Friday, August 23, 2013

An Ifthar experience by Sri Lanka Unites

By - Tracy Kumarapeli

Honoring their modus operandi of bringing down cultural and religious barriers, Sri Lanka Unites hosted an Ifthar on the 8th of August for all the Muslim and Non- Muslim volunteers. Being part of religious customs and rituals together, regardless of one’s religion, could only bring out more respect amongst communities towards each other whilst instilling a true sense of reconciliation.

Racism and religious intolerance are, more often than not, the by-products of ignorance and hate, directed towards other ethnicities and faiths. Otherizing communities just because they don’t conform to your way of life, or worse, just because you don’t understand where they come from, is simply a recipe for never ending violence and chaos.

While Sri Lanka is still healing and washing away the blood she soaked up during the 30 year conflict, citizens should make every measurable attempt to engage in reconciliation; appreciate the cultural and religious diversity, and to realize that deep down we are all nothing but the same.
Sri Lanka Unites hopes to see a future where all Buddhists, Hindus and Christians go to Ifthars with as much enthusiasm as they show to their own religious festivals, while, from here on out the Avurudu Table will simply be a beacon for all ethnicities to converge in to and eat oil cakes and kokis to their hearts’ content. 

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